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Pakistan Cargo
Since from 2000

Company Overview

Pakistan Cargo has won the trust and faith, the community in the middle east has rested on our continuous and long-standing struggles combined with time-bound relation with our clients while providing them best door to door cargo services to Pakistan from all over the Emirates.


After a successful journey of the door to door Sea cargo, Pakistan Cargo has taken the concept of cargo service in Dubai to Pakistan on another level by offering Air cargo services to Pakistan.

Why Choose Use

3 Reasons Why choose Pakistan Cargo

Transparent Pricing

Pakistan Cargo Dubai has the tendency to offer prices as per the shipment, there is no vague commitment from our professional. We believe in transparency which settles the score for us by winning our respected clients.

On - Time Delivery

Pakistan Cargo in Dubai has been in the line of door to door cargo services to Pakistan for the past 20 years, and On-time delivery is the reason that sets us apart from other local cargo services provider in region.

24/7 Online Support​

Pakistan Cargo Dubai is known to our respected clients for 24/7 online support. This support comes in the form of WhatsApp, landline number and direct calls on the mobile. We believe that customer service is 24/7.

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